With the recent WhatsApp policy change and the ongoing debate about data privacy, smartphone keyboard privacy is becoming an increasingly pressing security issue. The keyboard essentially can capture everything you type, even if you are using supposedly privacy-friendly apps such as Signal or your personal banking app.

Keyboard apps intrude on millions of users’ privacy

Over the past few years, new smartphone keyboard apps have emerged to improve the user experience when typing on a small screen. Some of them have become incredibly popular (e.g. Gboard claims over 1 billion users). Because the smartphone keyboard is not a typical app…

Data privacy is more important than ever before with data leaks of major (and minor) corporations occurring almost daily. From anti-virus software to extensive legislative work, there are many defense mechanisms available. Many of them however fail at the most crucial point: the human-machine interactive point on smartphones, the smartphone keyboard.

Why privacy matters

Programs such as messengers, banking apps or even video games can contain crucial information that, if compromised, would be devastating. Yet, few apps can have access to such a full scope of information like smartphone keyboards. …

Some may have wondered whether they downloaded the right app when looking for the smartphone-optimized keyboard ready for the 21st century. There is “Typewise Custom Keyboard”, “Typewise Offline Keyboard”, “WRIO”, “Offline Privacy Keyboard”. Which is which? This short guide aims to explain the difference and show how to find the proper app for you!

The difference between Typewise Custom Keyboard and Offline Privacy Keyboard
The difference between Typewise Custom Keyboard and Offline Privacy Keyboard

A brief lesson in history

The smartphone-optimized keyboard formerly known as WRIO has been developed as a fully offline app to guarantee that no data is collected. This limited the number of features possible though, so we created a new Typewise app with online capabilities to enable future features. Users of the first hour however that purchased the lifetime license for WRIO, may now find that their PRO features are missing upon installing the Typewise app. Do not despair! This guide will show you how to restore your functions and enjoy typing fit for the 21st century!

WRIO = Typewise Offline = Typewise Offline Keyboard

Name changes can be confusing and at times…

Typewise reduces typos by 73% thanks to larger keys and advanced algorithms that work 100% offline and safeguard your privacy.
But that’s not all: Typewise contains plenty of features to improve user experience. Some of them are covered in the tutorial, but here are 10 secret ones that you may not know yet.

Tip #1: Move the cursor

With Typewise, you can easily move the cursor to modify something you wrote earlier. To enable this feature: Open the Typewise app > Settings > Move Cursor. After that, just long-press on one of the space keys and swipe to the left or the right. …

In short: don’t worry, your data is safe. We don’t and won’t collect any data from the keyboard. To offer new features and further improve our app, we are now adding an internet connection to the app (only the app, which is technically a separate entity from the keyboard). This allows us to provide you with a better typing experience while fully protecting the privacy of your texting.

If you want to know the details and why we are doing it — enjoy our detailed explanation below 😀

Current situation

So far, Typewise (formerly WRIO) has been fully offline to guarantee that…


Typewise is the true smartphone keyboard that helps you make 4x fewer typos. It’s 100% private as well. Try for free https://typewise.onelink.me/8Sag/mediumtw

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